Q: How do i use your system?

To use the system, follow this 3 steps.
1) Register an account ( top right orange box)
2) Post a tuition Job
3) Go to View tutors Profile and invite tutors that meets your 
requirements to apply to your tuition Job posted.


Q: Can I choose my own student?
A: Yes. You should choose your students carefully and decide whether 
the location and fees is suitable for you before applying to teach a 
student. Before going for the first lesson, the tutor must also do 
his/her own research and make sure he/she knows the latest MOE 
syllabus well and get themselves familiar with the school exam format.

Q: Where are lessons held?

A: By default, lessons will be held at the student’s place of 
residence. Sometimes though, there will be occasions whereby parents 
request that lessons be conducted elsewhere or request to go to the 
tutor’s house for tuition. We will inform you accordingly when we 
receive these requests.

Q: When i can start to apply for tuition assignments

A. You can start to apply for tuition assignments as soon as you are 
registered. If you are already a registered tutor, you just need to 
login. There is no need to register a 2nd time

Q: What are the procedures or steps to apply for assigments?

Step 1) Register as a tutor
Step 2) Log into your account
Step 3) Go to tuition assignment forum
Step 4) Click on view details
Step 5) Click on apply
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