Star Zest Homestay Guardianship Programme is designed for school-going children, aged 21 and below, who are attending school in Singapore away from their home countries. Specifically, it caters to their parents who can choose to place their children under the guardianship of this programme while they study here.

Star Zest Homestay Guardianship Programme provides full board and lodging with the added benefit of a full-time guardian who cares for the child and manages all required parental duties in the absence of the child’s parents. This programme differs from the usual room-for-rent service for students, student hostel or boarding house.

The guardians and homestays provided in Star Zest Homestay Guardianship Programme are selected through a rigorous screening process conducted by trained homestay Inspectors. This ensures that the children in homestay placements enjoy the most conducive environment for their studies while in Singapore.

The programme will first provide a few options of guardians/homestays for the child’s parents to choose from. After the child has been settled, Star Zest Homestay Guardianship Programme will implement the Student and homestay Monitoring Programme to ensure the continuous welfare of the child in homestay placement.

To facilitate the Student and Homestay Monitoring Programme, Student Managers will be assigned to each child to ensure their continuous welfare. The Student Managers will be responsible, on a monthly basis, to visit the child in their homestay to assess the quality of the environment provided by the guardian. Most specifically, the child’s performance in school will be examined vis-à-vis the care provision from the guardian. After each monthly review, the Student Manager will then provide a report to the parents of the child. This Student and homestay Monitoring Programme thus provides an avenue for the child’s parents to be constantly involved with the child’s progress while they attend school away from home.

Star Zest Guardianship Programme is a one-stop service that offers a reliable homestay programme to secure the welfare and housing requirement of children studying in Singapore ensuring they are well taken care of.

Services for Parent / Student
• Selection of Suitable Guardian and Homestay
• Administration Assistance
• Monthly Student Monitoring Services
• Airport pickup

Services for Guardians / Homestay Providers
• Guardian / Homestay Accreditation Services
• Student matching services


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