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Thank you for your interest in registration. We would encourage all tutors to fill up all fields although not all fields are compulsory. This is to provide more information to students and parents so that you will increase your chances of being selected by parents and students and do log in to your account and update as often as you can as the most updated tutors' profile and tutors with photos would be displayed first. Please like us in facebook too to receive reqular assignments updates.

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Describe yourself-Tell parents and students about yourself such as your teaching styles, Hobbies and CCA's in school, your strengths and weakness, corporate working experience, previous and current teaching or tutoring experience etc and why they should engage you as their tutor.
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50 % commission would be charge for the first month tuition fee and you hereby agrees to tutor students that you are going to apply to teach for a minimum period of 1 month. In the event your service is being terminated by the student before 1 month, 50 % of the pro rated tuition fee of whatever lessons you have rendered would be paid to you. Any cancellation that results in a loss of commission after accepting a tuition assignment shall be borne by you. However, you are allowed to cancel a tuition assignment application before the student has confirmed taking you as the tutor. Any frequent unpunctuality or frequent changing of tuition lessons (define by agency as 3 times or more in a month) which results in a loss of commission shall be borne by you. After the 1 month contract period, you are to inform Star Zest Tuition Agency at any point of time if you would like to stop teaching the student so that there would be sufficient time to get a replacement for the student. One week notice is required if you wolud like to stop tuition a tutor or 1 week's fee in lieu of notice. Star Zest Tuition Agency will also charge 50% commission on the first month tuition fee for any students referred to you by the parents. The above terms and conditions may be voidable on a case-case basis due to unforeseeable situations . Eg. Due to medical conditions. You will need to provide supporting documents if such situation arises.
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